The technology used by cloud computing is the perfect way to get the best business applications up and running quickly and efficiently. As a result, the use of software as a service (SaaS) is becoming a preferred delivery model for the main software factories in the market, offering companies great benefits linked to cost reduction and business efficiency.

The strong pressure to reduce IT budgets and the high cost of maintaining legacy systems has led companies of different segments and sizes to consider the use of business applications through cloud computing using the SaaS model. In addition, the adoption of the cloud as the main infrastructure platform for the delivery of business solutions is growing, bringing a lower risk and serving different business areas.

The SaaS model has become an industry standard

The benefits of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, in terms of lower acquisition costs, the ability to deliver quickly and scale the entire technology infrastructure according to user demand, are factors that drive companies to overcome initial concerns about cloud adoption and committing to long-term contracts, making SaaS an industry standard.

The adoption of cloud computing in relation to the use of management software has become a competitive and strategic advantage in an increasingly competitive market. Companies use a variety of solutions, such as ERP systems , performance management software, financial consolidation , and other types of applications. And the use of SaaS has helped to accelerate its processes and ensure the security and compliance that is required in different markets.

Software as a Service as a tool to integrate systems

The use of software in the SaaS model has also been consolidated as a collaborative tool between the different sectors of the company. Systems integration allows, for example, to provide essential information to departments such as accounting and sales, with a real and reliable response time.

An ERP system is used for all the company's accounting , the collaborative properties of a cloud solution allow, for example, to facilitate communication in a purchasing process. At any time during the approval process, it is possible to attach information about the order, clarifying doubts and saving the organization time in its processes and during financial consolidation.

As companies adopt the Software as a Service model, their internal processes become more robust , allowing more users to participate in the management and growth of the business. In addition to being simpler to consolidate and share vital information for management , it is also possible to have quick responses that help the organization's strategic decisions.

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