Integra.Sky Integra.Sky solution from Sky.One that has helped companies of all sizes to integrate their systems , contributing to greater agility, productivity and efficiency for their operations.

In practice, the demand arose from the need and urgency of the global market to offer communication and combination between platforms , in order to reduce manual errors, expenses with inefficient integrations and contribute to making more assertive decisions.

Furthermore, systems integration is a concept that has been growing in the market and that, according to Gartner, will reach 45% of material and human resources over the next few years.

The reason for these investments lies in the growing need for companies to reconcile the exchange of information between the different tools used to complement, enrich and obtain insights from corporate data.

Thus, tools like Integra.Sky appear as options that actually solve the problem, since they reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the company's operations. Want to understand how? Enjoy reading!

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Why does systems integration make your company more productive?

What is Integra.Sky ?

Integra.Sky is a platform from the Integra.Sky Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) group, whose main objective is to standardize and scale integrations of legacy systems and external solutions, generating secure and replicable connections . In other words, it is a facilitator when accessing various software.

In an e-commerce, for example, software can be used to validate the order with the bank, another to compute it and yet another to monitor stock. In this case, here alone were three systems that depend on exchanging information accurately.

Furthermore, when these solutions are not properly integrated , there are often recurrent failures in connection, security, synchronization and the occurrence of manual errors.

In turn, Integra.Sky 's technology allows your business to combine resources and increase processes, all through the articulation of APIs, software and databases, in addition to making your company scalable worldwide.

What are the benefits of Integra.Sky ?

Sometimes, sectors may have systems at different maturity levels and this ends up being a serious problem, impairing the productivity and quality of operations of a given business.

In these cases, any integration, whether manual or through internal solutions, ends up becoming even more risky. In manual format, because of the greater chances of human error. In the internal format, due to lack of know-how and focus on this problem.  

The lack of proper integration harms not only the internal IT team , which wastes a lot of time with operational activities due to the lack of automation, but also the moment of decision-making by managers , who no longer have assertive insights due to the lack of statistics robust and reliable.

On the other hand, businesses that rely on Integra.Sky benefit from:

  • Increased employee productivity: with an automated integration scope;
  • Data integration: by allowing validation and synchronization of a large volume of data coming from different sources.
  • Compliance standards: by recognizing LGPD and GDPR to reduce vulnerability of systems;
  • Integration management: centralizing data, systems and codes on a single platform;
  • Technical standardization: we create APIs quickly and securely.
  • Security and Encryption: By utilizing security best practices.
  • Monitoring: the operator can check the success of each step of a communication flow.
  • Reliability: highly distributed and scalable architecture.
  • Integration speed: Multiple flows are created without the need for code.
  • Expert Integration: We do the entire integration process and you don't have to worry about a thing.

Thus, productivity is the key point, because at the end of the whole process, companies that integrate their systems see greater effectiveness in their employees and lower expenses in different solutions that end up hindering the development of the business.

To find out how your business becomes more strategic with data-based actions, download the free Integra.Sky here!

How do the tool connectors work?

Integra.Sky has a base of more than 300 approved systems, divided into 10 different market segments. Because of this ballast, the tool can connect the different software with great precision and practicality.  

For this, the particularities of customers are taken into account . Thus, a specialized team of the platform analyzes each case to understand the individual needs of each one of them.

In this way, Integra.Sky maps from the on-premise to the cloud to unite everything in a structure that is really efficient for the contracting company, guaranteeing the best possible experience.

Get to know the Integra.Sky here !

How to hire Integra.Sky ?

To hire Sky.One services related to Integra.Sky , just contact us through our service channels. Through them it is possible to clarify doubts and identify how the solution can support your business to grow.  

Count on Integra.Sky and have the best platform to manage all your integrations through a single, simple and secure system, integrating all software and automating your company's processes.

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