Always looking for ways to close the “gap” of affection that the current pandemic scenario has brought us, here at Sky.One we present a different dynamic to engage our employees and spread positivity in a celebration that, some time ago, would have been atypical: a 100% virtual June party , Sky.One's Arraial.

Get to know our internal success case and discover another example of how integrating systems works in a company !

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Success Integra.Sky : systems integration connecting people

At this year's June festival, we had the idea of ​​reformulating the traditional game “Correio Elegante”, culturally present in this month's celebrations, for our context.

Last Friday, June 25th, “ Integra.Sky : ELEGANT FEEDBACK that connects people ” served as a virtual hug to our SkyOwners, who took advantage of the day of celebration to send positive messages to each other through integrated internal applications with our iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution, Integra.Sky .

Starting from the Marketing team, the idea was executed in partnership with the Development team.

Since, despite being simple, the process of integrating systems cannot present failures , during the last week we performed several tests to ensure that they were not an obstacle to the instantaneous delivery of feedback.

Marcos Manzini , Systems Integration Analyst , told us that the process was based on understanding the Google Forms integration functionality.

“Analysing, I understood that the best way to integrate with our solution would be by sending the form data in a webhook trigger to trigger the email. In this way, a script was developed in Google Apps Script, which forwarded the message to an Integra.Sky URL that fetched the email and its content and directed it to our host email, which was responsible for the shots.”

SkyOwner further told us that only one hour was required for development and activation .

Result with systems integration action at Sky.One

We know that the objective of the action was a success when we received testimonials like that of Gisele Sá, a member of the SDR team, who was one of those who received the most feedback.

“The action was sensational! It was rewarding and exciting to receive each feedback. I believe that actions like this make a difference, because we see what others think of our work, even if we are anonymous,” he told SkyOwner.

In total, over 627 feedbacks were submitted from 126 different senders , an average of 5 feedbacks sent by SkyOwner!

The idea behind the internal action was to show our employees that Integra.Sky is capable of making integrations simple or complex.

“One of the most important factors was the simplicity that Integra.Sky brought to the operation. We integrate Google Forms with an email server in a matter of minutes. Fast, safe and efficient,” told SkyOwner Julia Festa, Marketing Coordinator, who participated in the end-to-end project.

Simple or complex, find out how Integra.Sky can help you integrate your business in a simple and secure way. Login here !

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