If you're in the tech world, you're definitely having to deal with overheating developer demand. They have become necessary everywhere and the offer for these professionals is well below the need.  

This is a reflection of the transformation of the business world into a technological space where the search for qualified personnel is no longer restricted to a few players who live off technology alone.

Entire segments such as logistics, transport and retail can no longer operate without the systems and software that move, coordinate and interconnect their businesses with the entire ecosystem. And the importance of retaining software developers becomes as fundamental as any other critical area of ​​the company. And this is a global reality. Professionals with a minimum of fluency in English are being recruited to work in companies in the most diverse parts of the world, receiving salaries in euros or dollars and working remotely without leaving their hometowns.  

It is in this scenario that we need to seek the greatest possible efficiency from our employees , removing any task from the development team that is not within their competence and providing this team with all the tools that speed up deliveries and improve the quality of the final software.

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The importance of iPaaS for the productivity of the development area

Analyzing the productivity of our clients' teams, we identified that up to 30% of the development effort is focused on providing the necessary integrations of their solutions with the rest of the ecosystem.

They are software routines that basically use the same types of functions responsible for interacting with other systems, manipulating and validating data. But as each integration is customized for each need, there is very little reuse of routines .

Each integration represents a new piece of software that needs to be developed, tested, hosted and then maintained. Many times the integration is developed as an extension of one of the two software involved and requires a team of programmers that knows the interfaces of both systems, as well as the details of the software in which the integration will be hosted.

why invest in an ipaas


The integration platforms exactly address the difficulty in creating and maintaining several integrations on the same software, dispensing with the need for code development since it has several reusable modules through a graphical interface where an integration analyst can operate and configure all the integration needs.

why invest in an ipaas

This is possible thanks to the function libraries available in IPaaS. REST, SOAP interfaces, database access and file transfer protocols are already built in advance, requiring only parameterization so that we can interact with practically all types of software.

Furthermore, a data transformation engine is available so that data originating from one of the systems can be easily converted, enriched or adapted to be consumed by the other side.

The construction of the data handling flows is completely graphical and can be quickly operated by a technician with knowledge of the integration business needs and minimal knowledge of the data structures involved.

The adoption of an integration platform also represents an interface in which the ISV can make available the forms of integration available to its software. By making connectors available, an ISV allows any other solution to build its integrations quickly and conveniently on top of already built interfaces. This is a quick and efficient way to address the backlog of integrations demanded by customers without impacting your development team.

How to integrate systems with Integra.Sky

Watch the video below and get to know Integra.Sky , Sky.One's iPaaS solution, which uses a Low Code approach for its construction and allows, with a few clicks, the necessary and tailored integrations for each business.


For more information on how Sky.One is working with its partners and customers to modernize onboarding processes, please contact us. 

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