Definitely cloud computing is the ball of the hour. The cloud is being used more and more by companies, especially in this delicate moment resulting from the pandemic and the growing adherence to remote work. However, following this trend means that many companies are faced with a major issue: the expiration of license support, which results in the interruption of the right to support/upgrade, making it impossible to open tickets in case of problems. Which can generate incalculable impacts on the business, because depending on the type of error and whether there is a dependency on calling the manufacturer, a simple difficulty can take a long time to be resolved.

In this context, the Platform as a Service (PaaS) can be a great ally to mitigate these and other issues. But what are its main benefits?

The advantages of Platform as a Service 

The benefits of using PaaS, especially from a multi-cloud , is the focus on the customer, as they transact their operations where there is the best cost-benefit for the processes, always delivering the best quality. In addition, the charge is made per user, thus making the account more flexible. The most suitable companies to use this service model are those that adhere to the hybrid cloud concept, where the Platform as a Service can be used to optimize operations.

Implementation is one of the biggest advantages of this service model, since, after contracting, the entire technical team works on implementing the solutions, in the same way as in the on-premise .

How to use Platform as a Service? 

Using Platform as a Service is simpler than it seems. Access can be carried out via a browser , that is, a web browser, directly connected to your applications or using plug-ins , which enables completely transparent access for the user, as if he were accessing the on-premise . Currently, the adoption of this model has occurred more naturally, as companies are starting to abandon the on-premise environment, delegating all support for the environment to suppliers. Another positive point of PaaS is the financial issue, because when a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis is carried out, it turns out to be more advantageous to hire an environment as a service than to purchase all of them. the equipment.

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