The software market has witnessed impressive global growth in recent decades and this acceleration is expected to continue for years to come, as technology has become essential for companies, whether in management, operation or customer relationships. .
In the last five years, the main change in the software market for companies was the business model that went from selling by perpetual license, to selling by software as a service (SaaS).

Therefore, 2020 will be no different. According to research released at the end of last year, the software market represented 12% of investments in 2010 and the forecast is that, in 2020, it will reach 18%. This proves that more and more companies are adding software to their strategies.

In 2019, Brazil ranked 8th in total spending on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in
the world and it is believed that in 2020 it will rise even further. Below are the main trends in the software market for companies in 2020, according to information from IDC Predictions Brazil:

1. General Data Protection Law (LGPD)

Information Security Theme should remain at the top of the priorities. In 2020 , 60% of organizations will have the topic included in their strategic plans . Even without really knowing when the data laws will start to take effect, companies are already making investments to adapt. Within these adaptations are the journey of applications, processes, new roles, in addition to privacy requests, where corporations will have to discard a lot of information kept inappropriately and still look for new ways to adapt them.

2. Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As at the end of 2019, Artificial Intelligence continues to be a topic in the corporate world and, together with Analytics, promise to be increasingly united to seek to simplify the consumption of information and generate more innovations for business. Analytics and AI solutions are expected to grow together by 11.5% in 2020.

3. Application Modernization

Currently, only 27% of applications within enterprises are modernized and fit in cloud-enabled architectures. Studies show that, in addition to the investment required for modernization, familiarity with technology is still a barrier to be overcome. In 2020, this modernization will accelerate significantly and enterprise architectures will need to be updated to integrate PaaS capabilities, which is expected to grow by around 46%.

4. Managed Cloud

The great advance towards the cloud generates many challenges within the management of companies, in addition to optimization and availability that still need to be addressed. Studies indicate that more than 80% of companies consider that these themes motivate the hiring of managed services for the cloud. For 2020, the great promise will be hybrid environments, mixing public and private cloud capacity.

5. Cloud for every need

Currently, more than 2/3 of companies have some kind of public cloud business.
This market is expected to achieve 36.6% growth in Brazil over 2019 and private cloud adoption will continue to rise. For these enterprise software trends to enter the market as expected, development companies need to be prepared.
Relying on qualified professionals with technical knowledge and certificates, in addition to finding reliable partners and having time to develop adaptations, are examples of challenges that these companies will face.

Sky.One is capable of helping corporations to adapt to these trends in the software market. Integra.Sky Integra.Sky Privacy by Design, is already adapted to the LGPD with security policies and modern authentication and encryption protocols that guarantee secure integrations between different software. Auto.Sky works directly with Application Modernization and transforms legacy applications into SaaS at affordable Auto.Sky In addition, Cloud Guru adds the Managed Cloud to every need, as it is a
systems specialist and has certificates in several clouds.

Make sure your systems comply with the IDC Predictions Brazil 2020 forecasts, talk to our experts!

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