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How Integra.Sky can transform your business

  • Economy

    Reduce your company's IT costs by reducing the amount of hours dedicated to creating and maintaining system integrations

  • Safety

    Avoid fines using a platform that is 100% compliant with the general data protection law (LGPD)

  • Freedom

    Choose the software you want and then simply connect them quickly, simply and securely

Is your company prepared for the future?

Integra.Sky is the best option for companies that need to integrate Desktop Systems and SaaS, without having to produce complex codes even without using API.

security and encryption

Available communication, authentication, encryption, and auditing mechanisms ensure integrations adhere to security best practices.

Technical standardization

Create APIs quickly and securely, exposing to the world a standardized and secure format of interconnections through RESTful interfaces.


Efficient mechanisms to identify any problems that affect the performance and operability between applications. Through our solution, the developer can check the success of each step of a data flow.


Integra.Sky is based on a modern, highly distributed, scalable architecture that allows it to accommodate load variations safely and reliably.

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connector library

We are partners with hundreds of software companies, from corporate to departmental applications, find 100% functional connectors for a wide variety of onpremise and oncloud software here.

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