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Transform the way your development team creates and publishes integrations using Integra.Sky , Sky.One's iPaaS platform, improve productivity, reduce costs and increase your team's efficiency.

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Benefits of integrating with Integra.Sky

Integrate systems much faster

Developing integrations was a complex and experience-intensive task, Integra.Sky has changed the way developers create and publish integrations. Much less code, much more productivity with a plethora of ready-to-use connectors and logic.

Reduction of development costs

Save your development team precious hours by using our marketplace integrations and connectors. Deliver more with much less and improve project margins.

Monitoring and traceability

Don't be left in the dark, bring transparency and traceability to every integration. Track executions in real time and get notified when something isn't working as it should.

How it works?

Fast and uncomplicated integrations

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a set of automated tools for connecting software applications that are used in different environments, such as the cloud and on-premises systems.

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1. Plan the integration

Plan the integration, mapping the fields, necessary transformations and expected results.

2. Choose connectors

Choose connectors and use your credentials to access operations.

3. Develop the data flows

Start developing the data flows using our ready-made logics and configure the triggers that will be used to trigger the integration

4. Test operation

Finalize the process by testing the integration and verifying the operation and results, repeat the tests until it is safe to put it into production.

5. Activate and monitor

Activate the integration and start monitoring runs.


Integra.Sky is very powerful and simple to use

Integra.Sky was created to serve companies of all sizes and from all industries, delivering much more at a fair price. We serve all companies with systems integration problems, whether they are startups, software-houses or traditional companies.


Integra.Sky allows integrations to be reused, shared, versioned and maintained in an easy and scalable way.


Have a marketplace of ready-made connectors and integrations. Hire directly or through your supplier.

Are your systems prepared for the age of ecosystems?

Transform any application into an ecosystem of connected applications. Help your team develop integrations with an iPaaS and improve productivity.

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Approved software

We have more than 350 approved software connectors and more than 150 assets in our Partnership Program.

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Sky.One has the purpose of taking the path to the clouds with your company. And beyond them, through technology to help you reach the top.

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