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We popularize integrations by delivering the best and most complete iPaaS platform with marketplace on the market.

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Graphical and intuitive development

Count on a graphical and user-friendly development platform that allows all types of integration. With Integra.Sky you will change the way integrations are created and published. No more hard codes!

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We connect everything that matters

Get access to countless ready-made connectors and integrations in our exclusive marketplace. You can also create new connectors and integrations without having to worry about advanced programming.

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Featured features

Sharing Integrations

Create and share ready-to-use connectors and integrations with your team!


Don't stay in the dark anymore, know everything that happens with your integrations and your data flows! Get notified whenever you want automatically.

on-premise integration

Integrate legacy software and cloud applications with our exclusive agent. It creates local terminals and communication channels for your applications.

RFC Connection for SAP ECC 6.0

We have developed an exclusive module for companies that use SAP or provide applications for this system and need this type of connection.

shipped ETL

Connect, transform and popularize all types of data in your Data wherehouse and in your BI applications. In addition to integrating, you can also transform and popularize data in any BI tool.

API Gateway

If your software doesn't have an API for all operations, don't worry, use our API Gateway functionality and easily create APIs to meet your needs and those of your customers.

Administration of accounts and organizations

Manage all integrations in one place and/or segregate by accounts or organizations. In addition, you can establish scopes for internal and external users.

graphic development

Use our unique, code-free graphical interface when developing integrations. Drag and drop to start developing.

Create an Integrated Solutions Hub yourself

Create and manage all your integrations through a single, simple and secure platform, allowing you to audit all requests with easy maintenance. It all starts with the connectors, built to handle each piece of software individually. Integra.Sky has an embedded ETL to facilitate data transformation. To make it even easier, our graphical interface allows the construction of information flows between two or more applications, from a simple drag and drop, which guarantees more agility and efficiency.

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connector library

We are partners with hundreds of software companies, from corporate to departmental applications, find 100% functional connectors for a wide variety of onpremise and oncloud software here.

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Instabuy can now integrate ERPs from different regions of Brazil easily and quickly

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Ploomes integrates its systems to offer more security and agility to its customers

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Systax performs systems integration with support from Sky.One

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Sky.One announces partnership with digital commerce platform, VTEX

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